This once in a lifetime event was captured for all to have and experience. Richard Howells performance on tenor sax is sensational, and his additional vocals are impeccable.

Master drummers Mingo Lewis, Babatunde Lea and David Frazier provide an incredible pastel of rhythms, a performance not to be missed! Ron Belcher on the double bass is inspirational.

Last but certainly not least, is the explosive performance of renowned Cuban Pianist, Omar Sosa, who creates entire dimensions of his own! Add a special appearance by the S.F. bay areas most popular Brazilian band, Vivende de Pao for the last two songs, and a live performance movie clip on the enhanced CD, and you have any jazz audiophiles delight. Recorded live at the Herbst Theater. 24 track direct to digital!

This CD is a must own!

"An intense intriguing combination of truly traditional improvisational jazz, combined with spritual rhythms of ancient cultures."

A Perfect Night
In San Francisco

A Perfect Night in San Francisco



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